Mark Sellers and Elizabeth Sellers

Today, TWICE the ICE  customers can purchase and enjoy fresh ice and filtered water, on demand 24×7, at convenient neighborhood locations at a value that keeps them coming back.

TWICE the ICE customers become loyal fans – no longer tied to inconvenient checkout lines inside the store or the costly packaged ice/water that has passed through many hands before it reaches their drinks, cups and coolers.

OUR VISION: Our vision is simple and crystal clear – deliver exceptional value to our customers: BETTER, CHEAPER and FASTER!

The very heart of TWICE the ICE  is the patented ice automation equipment and delivery system designed by Ice House America. This state-of-the-art technology delivers ice on demand that is fresh, clean (never touched by human hands) and green (made on site, thereby eliminating all labor and transportation costs, as well as minimizing fossil fuel consumption) – at a price that keeps consumers happy and returning for more.

OUR SECRET SAUCE: Thorough and consistent attention to customer experience and quality – CLEAN, CONVENIENT and REGULATED!

While technology is the heart of our ice and water vending system, convenience and product quality define customer experience. That is why we operate our facilities under the direct supervision of a State Certified Water Operator who is responsible for all aspects of ice and water production and quality control. We test our water quarterly with an independent laboratory and we clean each facility ~10 times per month during peak demand. As a matter of ice and water quality, we perform an additional cleaning / sanitizing step on all equipment and NSF surfaces biannually. Not only do our machines exceed government standards for clean and safe ice and water production, the Health-Wise© Filtration and thorough cleaning process also produces GREAT TASTING ice and water, too! Our customers trust the quality, love the convenience and the price!